Let's Get Evil! Presented by Mike O'Flaherty

When:  Nov 15, 2022 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (AEST)

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Let's Get Evil!

Cyber threat modelling through evil user stories

Showing how to include evil user stories (e.g. software requirements for cyber, such as bad actor cyber threats) when using a user story development approach.

Learning Outcomes:
Attendees will have a practical approach to understand, act on, and communicate Cyber Security risks relating to their initiatives.

Key Audience:
Anyone interested in Cyber Security and wanting to reduce the impact of being grilled by Cyber Security before going live.

Agile practitioners (who want to have a defensible and contextual stance when considering and communicating Cyber Security).

Service Designers. (they have better ideas than I do)



Michael has been an ice-cream van driver, Portfolio Manager at Nokia in Finland (when it was a thing), Governance Architect at Centrelink, Director of IT Audit at the ANAO, Locksport instructor (teaching people how to pick locks), and Cyber Security consultant throughout Australian Government, Michael now has a home at the Department of Industry, Science and Resources.

As a Cyber Security practitioner, he misses driving an ice-cream van, people wanted him to see him rock up then.


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