Speed Collaboration Session

When:  Mar 22, 2023 from 09:30 AM to 10:30 AM (AEDT)

Connect and share at the Speed Collaboration Session

To pay tribute to International Women's Day, please join us for a fun and relaxed WIDD community Speed Collaboration session. This is your chance to meet fellow community members from across agencies and states.

It will look a bit like this:
We will run three, 12-minute sessions, where you will be paired at random with another community member. You will have 6 minutes each to answer a question, to which the other party can ask you further questions to expand on your answer.

Each session will have a slightly different question to respond to, however each time you’ll start with sharing what you do in your role.

The questions will be:

  • ·       What are you looking forward to the most right now?
  • ·       If you could change one thing about your job what would it be?
  • ·       What's one skill you would really like to learn right now? Could be work related or not.

If you find you go off on a tangent while talking, that's fine - just be sure to stick to your 6 minutes so the other person gets a chance to have their turn too! The questions are just a starting point so feel free to go off topic.

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