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Potential WiDD community topics for discussion

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    Posted 07-09-2023 05:53 PM
    Edited by Kerryn Atkinson 13-09-2023 10:01 AM
    A working group

    In our WiDD community we hope you find this to be a safe space to discuss issues that are particularly important or relevant to women working in data and digital related roles.  This is the perfect place to discuss issues you might not feel as comfortable discussing in broader forums. Following are some suggested topics you might like to focus on:

    Gender-Specific Challenges

    • Work-life balance: Especially pertinent for those who might be juggling career growth with family responsibilities.
    • Mentorship: Finding women mentors in male-dominated fields like data science and digital tech.
    • Salary negotiation: Candid talks about overcoming the gender pay gap.

    Career Progression

    ·       Glass Ceiling: Strategies to break through leadership barriers specific to women.

    ·       Motherhood Penalty: Navigating career progression around maternity leave or part-time work.

    Inclusive Work Environments

    ·       Gender Bias in Tech Tools: Discussing how algorithms or digital platforms may inadvertently be gender-biased.

    ·       Sexual Harassment: A sensitive issue but one that might be more openly discussed in this forum.

    Skill Building

    ·       Soft skills: While technical skills are often the focus in broader communities, soft skills like emotional intelligence and communication can be discussed more openly here.

    ·       Leadership Skills: Developing qualities for team leadership, which might not be a focus in male-dominated communities.


    ·       Collaboration: Finding other women to collaborate with on work or side projects.

    ·       Job Opportunities: Sharing leads on roles that are particularly supportive of women or have good diversity practices.

    Personal Development

    ·       Imposter Syndrome: This issue disproportionately affects women, and it might be easier to discuss among peers who understand.

    ·       Well-being: Mental health or stress management, especially dealing with gender-specific stressors.

    Tech-Specific Topics

    ·       Women-Centric Solutions: Leveraging data and digital tech to solve problems specifically affecting women.

    ·       Representation in Data Sets: The importance of equitable representation in AI and machine learning models.

    Advocacy and Activism

    ·       Amplification Techniques: How to amplify other women's voices in meetings or forums.

    ·       Policy and Governance: Discussing the need for policies that address women-specific challenges in the workplace.

    Our community provides a great opportunity for these conversations to be at the forefront, and we hope WiDD provides a space for women to speak openly about their unique experiences and challenges in the field.

    Do any of the above topics interest you?  Let us know, and feel free to start a conversation about these in a thread.

    Are there any others you'd add to the list?  Or possibly like to focus on at future community meet-up events?

    Kerryn Atkinson
    Women in Digital Programs Lead
    Australian Public Service Commission