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  • 1.  Customer experience driven architecture

    Posted 20-10-2022 11:59 AM
    Hi all,

    I have recently started a new role as National Manager for Business and Customer Architecture at Services Australia. Before this I had spent a couple of years leading the team that established the APS Digital Profession, so I have been involved in these communities since they began.

    I am looking forward to connecting with business architecture colleagues across government through this group, and I am also really keen to chat to others about how you might be going about building really customer-driven approaches to business architecture, which is a focus of some of the work we are doing here. In particular, some of the on the ground outputs and methods that you have found really useful, and how you have worked and cross-skilled across the disciplines of service design and business architecture. I am lucky enough to have worked with a few across government who have done great work in this space, including @Geoff Manning who presented at a Digital Profession event recently, and I look forward to meeting more of you in the future.


    Vanessa Roarty
    National Manager, Business and Customer Architecture
    Services Australia

  • 2.  RE: Customer experience driven architecture

    Posted 31-10-2022 08:41 AM
    Sounds great Vanessa - I'm putting some feelers out here at the DTA.

    Dale Todling
    Project Support and Engagement Officer
    Digital Transformation Agency