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Welcome to the Women in Data and Digital Community (WiDD)! 


WiDD is a Community of Practice for the APS Data and Digital Professions. Our goal is to increase connections and visibility for women in data and digital related roles.

WiDD is for all levels of government and people working broadly in the data or digital space, and those interested in a data or digital career. WiDD aims to support and spotlight female talent in these fields where women are traditionally underrepresented. Male allies and non-binary people are very welcome to join.

The community is a safe and inclusive space to share achievements, pain points, solutions, information and insights on everything related to APS women working in data and digital and those who support them.

We hope you can join us to attend WiDD events and contribute to the conversations, share relevant resources or articles of interest and promote the community and events through your professional networks.


How to get more involved:


In this community you will have access to events, opportunities and announcements suitable for all members. You are encouraged to start or reply to discussions with other members, or search the member’s directory to see who else is a part of this community. Check out the getting started page to help you gain the most from this site.

New to the community or just haven’t found time? Please introduce yourself in the introduction thread, we would love to hear about you, your work and how you are able to support others here on our community!


Have a work related challenge? – please post a thread so others can help you develop solutions.


Just finished a project you are proud of? – post a thread about that so others can learn from your work and congratulate you on your achievements. Feel free to add it to the library.


Wondering if anyone else out there is working on a similar data or digital project you are (or have a WiDD related topic you'd like to discuss)? – why not post a thread, you could gain a boost forward if some of the work is already done, gain insights, or simply connect with others who understand your work.

We look forward to your contributions.


Don’t forget to invite those in your network to also join.


If you would like to:

·       suggest a speaker

·       suggest an event topic

·       host a WiDD meet-up

·       get involved in the running of this community as a co-ambassador, or

·       provide feedback or other suggestions

Please reach out to us at digitalprofession@apsc.gov.au with WiDD in the subject, we’d love to hear from you.

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