Introducing the new Data and Digital Government Strategy

By Norella Lipponen posted 06-06-2023 09:52 AM


Putting people and business at the centre of data and digital transformation

The Australian Government has released an initial Data and Digital Government Strategy (the Strategy) and will commence consultation on 13 June to help inform the delivery of a final Strategy and accompanying Implementation Plan by the end of 2023.

The initial Strategy outlines the Australian Government’s vision to deliver simple, secure and connected public services for all people and business through world class data and digital capabilities. A collaborative effort led by an integrated Digital Transformation Agency and Department of Finance team, the Strategy has five missions which describe the key objectives and actions of the Australian Government to help us realise our vision to 2030.

Investing in APS data and digital capabilities

The Strategy serves as a blueprint for the APS, setting a pathway for using data and digital technologies to improve our activities, including delivery of services. There is a strong alignment with the APS reform agenda and a focus on maturing the APS' data and digital capabilities. The Strategy sets the tone for an environment which fosters an enhanced culture of innovation and experimentation, enabling greater flexibility and responsiveness, resulting in better outcomes for people and business.

The Strategy brings an APS-wide vision focused on:

  • ensuring people and business are at the centre of the Australian Government’s data and digital activities,
  • progressing the APS’ transition to a policy and implementation environment driven by data and digital technologies and
  • building and sustaining APS data and digital capabilities.

The Strategy will align data and digital initiatives across the Australian Government’s strategic and reform agendas, delivering meaningful change.

Bringing data and digital together

The Strategy has five missions which Australian Government agencies will align their data and digital strategies to meet the future data and digital capabilities needed to deliver simple and seamless Government services in an interconnected environment. This Strategy represents the first-time data and digital have been incorporated together into a single Strategy, recognising the interdependence of these fields and the criticality of addressing them together.

Delivering for all People and Business

By putting people and business at the centre of the Government’s use of data and digital the Strategy will lead to better informed policy and services which are connected, inclusive and accessible.

Simple and Seamless Services

The APS works as a single unified enterprise by using the right technologies, data, and analytics to simplify how they deliver for people and business.

Government for the future

The Australian Government will be a world leader in using new and evolving data and digital technologies in innovative and collaborative ways to take advantage of opportunities and respond to emerging priorities. 

Trusted and secure

The Australian Government will partner with people and business to ensure decisions and services are trusted, transparent and ethical, with legislation that is fit for the age and supports people’s choices when engaging with public services.

Data and Digital Foundations

The APS has the right capabilities, practices, standards, and culture and makes effective use of data and digital technologies to operate a seamless and modern government.  

Strategy Enablers

Underpinning the Strategy are four enablers. These enablers will be critical to the success of the Strategy and from the building blocks need to achieve our 2030 vision. These are People Capability, Cyber security, Governance and Investment. 

These enables recognise the need to invest further in APS capability and skills; ensure data is protected and digital services are secure and trusted; align governance frameworks and Agency accountability towards collectively achieving the Strategy; and enhance the effectiveness of initiatives like the Investment Oversight Framework and Australian Government Architecture to shape and guide investment planning.  

Public consultation on the initial Strategy

Consultation on the initial Strategy will commence on 13 June via a ‘have your say’ portal on and a series of in-person and online consultation events seeking feedback and input from the APS, state and territory governments, industry, academia and public on the Initial Strategy.

We would love to get as much input as possible from across the APS as this Strategy will shape and transform how you work and deliver value and services to the public into the future. By aligning the Australian Public Service’s data and digital agenda with a clear vision, the Strategy will support more joined-up delivery across Government.

To check the dates and register for an in-person or online consultation visit  Eventbrite.

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